Who we are

Zoompass Holdings Inc., is a public listed corporation (OTCQB: ZPAS), that aims to be a leader in the SaaS world predominantly focused on next generation internet technologies. We search the globe looking for the best small companies in their space and acquire them at reasonable valuations. We support our acquisitions, with financial and operational expertise as well as global marketing efforts. Together our aim is to build the future leaders in their space.

We are focused on vertical market software that enable the small and mid-sized consumer facing organizations in developing markets to deploy best in class technology platforms quickly and efficiently. By building best of breed technology platforms and deploying them as a service for our clients we can quickly allow them to serve their customers with leading edge solutions.

What we do

Acquiring Businesses

We Build, Acquire & Partner to deliver market leading Platforms & Solutions

We are always looking for interesting business models to bring game-changing products and technologies to market. We buy good to great vertical market software businesses.

The businesses we acquire often represent exceptional talent and share a combination of traits of an exceptional management team with a lifetime of experience, unique future ready technology, consistent profitability, and average growth.

The businesses all have a unique reason for selling and we often leave the companies to operate in accordance with their winning business models that made them exceptional in the first place.

We buy good companies in exceptional vertical market software that have the potential to establish a solid track record of growth and earnings; we identify and address the reasons they have not yet moved from good to great. To this end we may offer resources in a number of areas including establishing values and capital allocation.

Zoompass believes in allowing the businesses to continue managing the day to day operations. We rely on the exceptional management team and employees of our subsidiaries to run their businesses and support them with ongoing coaching and training.

“We believe in acquiring & building businesses”

We are open to acquiring multiple businesses around the world.

Zoompass will acquire your business and unlock new opportunities for your clients.

Leveraging Zoompass’ Businesses platforms, you can enable your customers to make payments at the touch of a button. Our solutions are simple, secure, and convenient. Let us take care of powering your software services while you drive revenues.

Seamless Integration
Quick time to market
More value for your customers
Revenue generating opportunity

Awards & Recognition

These are only some of the awards our Companies and Partners has won in the recent years.

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